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Panteon Nacional & Museo Sacro de Caracas
The Panthéon
(Latin Pantheon, from Greek Pantheon, meaning "Temple of all the Gods")

Is a building in the northern edge of the old town of Caracas. It was originally built as a church, but is now used as a famous burial place. The entire central nave is dedicated to Simón Bolívar, with the altar's place taken by the hero's bronze sarcophagus, while lesser luminaries are relegated to the aisles. The national pantheon's vault is covered with 1930s paintings depicting scenes from Bolívar's life, and the huge crystal chandelier glittering overhead was installed in 1883 on the centennial of his birth.

Inside the Pantheon, on both sides of the main recess that contains the tomb and monument to the Liberator, there are the statues of Francisco de Miranda and Antonio José de Sucre, respectively. Along the whole of the side walls, there are monuments dedicated to the First Republic, José Gregorio Monagas, Andrés Bello, José Antonio Páez, Rafael Urdaneta and José María Vargas and other important Venezuelan people. Under the pavement, in the two side caissons the remains of famous and illustrious Venezuelans are placed, labeled by tablets.
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Museo Sacro de Caracas

It is located next to the Cathedral of Caracas. Museo Sacro it’s a carefully restored old colonial house transformed into an art museum. It was build in 1884, as the headquarter of Colegio Episcopal, which before that, the plot was the cemetery for priest.

This museum displays a modest but carefully selected collection of Venezuelan religious art, mainly from the colonial times. The collection includes paintings, carvings, furniture and objects of worship, which have come from different convents and chapels from around the city.
Taxi driver will pick you up at your hotel, park at a parking lot in Altamira area, then walk with you to the subway station. Once at the subway station, you will take the subway to a station near the Federal Capitol. Then, the taxi driver will walk with you to Museo Sacro de Caracas, where you will have 45 minutes to explore the place, then you will walk to Panteon Nacional, where you will have 45 minutes to explore the place. Finally, your driver will walk with you back to the subway station, then to the parking lot and then drive to your hotel.
- 44,99$ + 5,99$ per person, if this tour is combined with Caracas Historic Mini Tour.

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