Los Galpones Art Center is an art development that has been one of the most interesting cultural initiatives of Caracas. This industrial warehouses complex once held movie studies, now hold a circuit of spaces with its own distinct presentations and audiences.

This is a meeting place in the city that generates community through contemporary artistic manifestations such as visual, musical, gastronomic, scenic, literary and cinematographic proposals.

In 2008, the project for the conditioning of the spaces (approximately 2000 square meters) begins, where fifteen (15) buildings, dedicated to the arts, literature and design, currently live, a terrace of 200 square meters destined for the holding outdoor events and enjoying the landscaping, marked by the presence of 44 monumental and centuries-old mango trees in the heart of eastern Caracas.
Taxi driver will pick you up at your hotel and drive to the gallery. Once there, you will have 1 - 1 and 1/2 hours, to explore the place (as you wish). Then, you will walk to the parking lot and finally, the driver will leave you at your hotel.
for a group 1-4 people  
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