Cata/Catica It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Venezuela, very long, with fine sand and crystalline waters and decorated by the shadow of coconut trees upright. It has cabins and restaurants and is located 45 miles down the road from Maracay to El Limon.

CATA is the widest part of the beach. Swell waves are moderated and has deep water as you go inside the beach. Well maintained public beach, where you will find a restaurant (nice fried fish!), showers, bathrooms and beach's chairs and umbrellas.

CATICA is a small beach, you can get there by taking a boat from Cata. Catica lacks of waves, perfect for smal children. There is only one small restaurant (open only on weekends) and few chairs and umbrellas.
The Way to Get There Safely
TaxiToCaracas's All Day-Tours Up to 8 Hours
Playa de Cata o Playa Catica
$199.99 USD for a group 1-4 people
Taxi driver will pick you up at your hotel, drive for about 2 1/5 hours, leave you at the beach and pick you up at a desired pick up time. If you want to go to Catica, the driver will leave you at the small boat port of Cata.