A bodyguard for personal protection is one of the options that are available when a threat is imminent. If you, your employees or family needs protection we will handle it. Our bodyguards are trained to act discrete and blend in with the environment. We will protect you at your hotel, on your business trip in Venezuela and on your vacation in our beautiful country.

Our work is performed in close co-operation with the police and other authorities. All our services derive from a risk analysis which in turn determines how the protection is exercised around the principal. The protection can be dormant and thus be activated if the need arise.

Our experienced and well trained security operators provide top quality executive protection services and personal security details. Our operators are recruited, screened, and trained to ensure they are among the select few in terms of experience, intelligence, and professionalism. They bring with them years of elite law enforcement experience. They are professionals, both in their actions and appearance. We are committed to providing the highest level of security and protection to our clients. Our clients include corporate executives, as well as their associates and families. Our services include complete risk assessments, pre-operation intelligence, route planning, and evade and escape plans.

Our operators are trained to be discrete when the situation dictates. On other occasions, deterrence through a show of force provides the best protection. This is why we offer both high and low profile security teams. The threat level, threat type, and your requests determine our uniform. Our teams train and can deploy with equal effectiveness in suits, casual wear, or tactical gear. Our operators easily adapt to the environment to get the job done. 

The Way to Get There Safely
TaxiToCaracas's Extreme Protection
Send us an e-mail to:  info@taxitocaracas.com
Please include the following information:
  • Name of the passenger(s)
  • Number of passengers
  • Date, time, origin, airline and  flight number
  • Desired time of pick-up, considering customs and baggage claim (about 45-60 min.).
  • Destination address
  • Contact mobile phone using during your trip
  • Special security requests
$245 USD Round Trip
If there are any flight delays, please notify us at info@taxitocaracas.com, otherwise $50/hr charge will be applied if bodyguard is standing by
$140 USD One Way Trip
We can provide Bodyguards to join you on your trip any destination in Venezuela, send us an e-mail and we will send you a quote.
Armored Bodyguard 
To join you on your trip AIRPORT - CARACAS
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To join you on your trip AIRPORT - CARACAS
$245 USD Round Trip
$140 USD One Way Trip
Per Bodyguard. 
A Bodyguard is also a passenger inside the vehicle.
Per Bodyguard. 
A Bodyguard is also a passenger inside the vehicle.